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When preparing for a hurricane boat owners should take extreme precaution in to keep your vessel safe and out of the storms path. While the hurricane track may be unknown, it’s safe to say that there still will be strong wind gusts and pounding rain, all which can cause disasters for your boat. If possible, boat owners should do their best to have their boat hauled out of the water and put on blocks for the duration of the storm. This will prevent any opportunity for the boat to get loose from its slip/mooring, take on to much water and most important receive any damage from other boats or pounding against rocks/shore. Usually most insurance companies will pay 50% of the cost to haul your boat in the event of hurricane, if you have the proper hurricane haul out endorsement.

In the event of not being able to haul your vessel, the next best thing is to find a safe harbor in a bay or up a river to store your boat out of the hurricanes path. This will take away the threat of your vessel getting sucked out to sea if in an open harbor. Putting your boat on anchor is not a good option if you don’t have a slip or mooring to use. The anchor can pull due to high winds and strong current/tides, which will cause extreme damage to your and others boats. If keeping your vessel at a marina, be sure to double your lines and add fenders at the bow, mid-ship and stern for each port and starboard side. These will help in the event of any line breaks and will fend off potential damage.

You can never be too cautious and the more preventative safety will significantly help your vessel and others during the storm. If you have any questions regarding boat hurricane preparation or insurance hurricane haul out coverage, please contact us at Deland, Gibson.


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