Bad Jokes and a Bad Economy: Employment Practices Liability Claims on the rise…

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It could be as simple as an off-color joke, a disgruntled former employee or a questionable promotion…

Decisions not to hire someone or even asking the below questions, all could land you in hot water…

What year did you graduate?
What are your plans for Christmas?
Do you have a wife?

Suits over employment practices are on the rise. And that trend will continue as long as the unemployment rate is high and economic growth isn’t. According to a national report, discrimination charges filed against private employers have significantly jumped between 2009 and 2010. From Wal-Mart down to your local mom-and-pop business, no one is immune to the risk: according to one estimate, three out of every five firms will face such charges.

Even a frivolous or baseless claim can be costly to defend yourself against. Employment Practices Liability Insurance, will protect both your company and its executives from such losses. Labeled by industry underwriters as the “slip and fall” of the new millennium, these cases have been much more socially charged and relevant in recent years leading to larger claims activity and payouts.

■ Do you have a policy in place to respond to issues arising from claims about your employment practices?
■ What is your systematic response to a potential situation or claim?
■ Are you and your managers education on this policy?
■ Are you utilizing your insurance policy appropriately to deal with this issue?

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