Online Shopping for Insurance: Buyer Beware

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It looks so easy. Just pick up the gun and name your own price. So, easy, in fact, that a caveman can do it.

It may be convenient, but shopping online for car or home insurance may not be best for you. The low prices advertised on these sites — or the prices you name for yourself — may not be the right fit for your insurance needs. It’s important to realize that there is a difference between low-cost insurance and well-priced coverage. Remember, you get what you pay for, so it is best to consult with Deland, Gibson to make sure you are actually getting a good deal.

Plus, keep in mind that getting stuck with inadequate insurance is not the only risk of shopping online:

■ Online customers also run the risk of obtaining insurance with gaps in coverage — gaps that do not become apparent until you actually need it. Answering a few questions on a pop up screen isn’t exactly a great strategy for getting a thorough insurance plan tailored to your specific needs. The best service is personal service.

■ Online may not even be the cheapest option. Although some online companies may allow you to compare prices with competitors, they are not always showing you the best or most accurate prices. Remember: they choose what you get to see. An independent insurance agent is actually in a better position to obtain the most competitive rates available.

■ Shopping online poses all kinds of cyber security risks and privacy concerns — and shopping online for insurance is no different. The anonymity of the Internet makes it easier for fictitious companies to set up fake sites and scam customers into buying worthless insurance policies. The Internet also makes it easier for companies to collect sensitive information that can readily be passed onto to other companies or entities.

Remember the whole point of insurance is to protect yourself against risk. So why would you take such great risks in buying insurance? Next time you go shopping for insurance, contact Deland, Gibson at 781.237.1515 or visit our Web site for more information.

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