DG Unveils New Logo and Website

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Press Release

Deland, Gibson Insurance Associates, Inc.

36 Washington Street

Wellesley Hills, MA 02481


Charles Gibson CEO Presents Deland, Gibson’s New Logo and Website


Wellesley, MA – Deland, Gibson will go live with their new updated logo and website on April 1st 2012.

Deland, Gibson is proud to unveil this updated logo and website which will have improved policy servicing capabilities and Deland, Gibson University a state of the art educational experience pertaining to risk. Deland, Gibson is constantly striving to satisfy the educated consumer by working on their insurance and risk management plans. The new website will be a great conduit for this as DG continues to provide peace of mind through proactive service.

This will be a continuous work in progress consistently updated with better resources and information for all things risk.

Tom Skelly, VP of Sales and Operations stated: “This is an initial step to move our unique model online. Now, interested parties can learn more and take steps to protect their business and family before a problem arises.”

Deland, Gibson’s new logo includes an umbrella over the name. This is designed with two arrows pointing at each other. This signifies two parties partnering together and subsequently creating a umbrella as a shield from risk.

Please visit Delandgibson.com


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