Wellesley Affected by Updated Flood Zoning

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On March 20th FEMA released a notice that many towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be receiving updated hazard maps regarding flood zones. Wellesley and many neighboring towns are included on this list. The maps are in preliminary form and are scheduled to be effective June 17, 2012.

The premise of FEMA’s release states that the flood zones have changed so by the new calculations your home may be negatively or positively affected.

What that means for you:

  • The new calculations may deem your home more, or less at risk than currently calculated.

It affects you more if you have a mortgage on your home.

You may currently carry flood insurance:

  • Sometimes this is mandated by your mortgage company, they may no longer require this.
  • The pricing could go down if your zone shows to be less at risk.

If you currently do not have flood insurance:

  • Your mortgage company may now require you to purchase this.
  • If your zone is deemed more dangerous the insurance policy pricing may increase.

With any questions please feel free to contact Chip Gibson at Deland, Gibson Insurance. He and his team will be able to walk you through any issues or questions you have.

FEMA’s release:

New FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps effective soon for Norfolk County

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