MA adds step to boiler inspection: $50 fee!

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Effective May 1, 2012, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will issue certificates of inspection for boilers and pressure vessels and charge a $50 fee per certificate.

Prior to  5/1/12, your annual pressure vessel and boiler inspections have been completed by your insurance carrier.  At the end of the inspection, the insurance company would issue a certificate of operation and may or may not have charged you a fee for this service.

With the implementation of the new requirements, your annual inspections will still be completed by your insurance carrier, however the inspectors will no longer issue the certificate.  Their findings will be transmitted to the DPS and the DPS will send you a payment notice for the new $50 annual fee.  Once the inspection is cleared and your  payment received, the DPS will forward the certificate of operation to you.  (Eventually, the DPS plans to solicit payment and send your certificate via e-mail, so it is important to maintain a valid e-mail address on file with them.)

Please remember that a boiler or pressure vessel cannot operate until the appropriate certificate has been issued and displayed in accordance with state laws and regulations.

Questions regarding this new law and requirement can be e-mailed to Ted Langill at or call (617) 826-5247.

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