Group Personal Excess Liability?

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Where fifteen minutes can actually save you 50% on price, and give up to 50 million reasons to sleep easy at night.

Group Excess Liability has been a very popular product among firms (with over 20 eligible participants) looking to give higher and more affordable personal liability products to the employees. With simplified underwriting and even broader coverage, this is great benefit for those enrolled. Limits can be as much as 50 million dollars, which is not easily granted by most companies.

Wealth and the internet has made net-worth very transparent to almost any web surfer. A simple example is where the common fender bender can now lead to a great chance of litigation when opportunists see deep pockets.

Protect your assets – your employees and your bank account – enroll in a Group Excess Program with Deland, Gibson Insurance. The ease of administration, and cost effectiveness add an extremely competitive advantage to your benefits package.

Contact Chip Gibson for more info.

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