Are you Insured For Hurricane Season?

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June may be the start of the summer for a lot of people but for all people living in “Hurricane Valley”, June is the beginning of hurricane season. Hurricane season runs from the June 1st to Nov 30th and can be a time full of tragedy especially for those who don’t have the necessary insurance coverage. Today we will look at a few issues that will help you prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.

Am I Covered With Under Homeowners Insurance?

Most homeowners insurance covers damage caused by hurricane winds but it does not cover you for any damage caused by floods. The only coverage you get is for any water damage caused by rain that may have gotten into your house through a wind damaged area. The trick here is to cover yourself as much as possible and get both Hurricane insurance and flood damage when insuring your home.

What Coverage does Flood Insurance offer?

There are two categorizes to consider when selecting your flood insurance, personal property and building insurance. Building policies would usually cover and structural damage caused to the exterior and the foundation of your home as well as such indoor items as carpet, built in appliances and your heating and cooling systems. Personal property insurance typically applies to all portable items such as furniture, clothing and electronics.

Do I need any more types of insurance?

Unfortunately flood insurance does not cover any losses incurred from the hurricane no matter what the value.  It is vital to your survival that you obtain both hurricane and flood insurance when protecting your home. An important point to remember is that most insurance adjusters are trained specially to tell the difference between flood and hurricane damage. And you could leave yourself truly exposed by relying on the wrong type of insurance policy.

Finally we would like to point out there can be a 30 day waiting period for your insurance plan to go into effect.  So the quicker you are to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and get your Hurricane and flood insurance, the better the chance you have of surviving hurricane season.

Need to know more?  Why not ask a question and one of our local industry experts will answer it, for free!

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