Under Insurance A Major Problem for Homeowners

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Throughout the years we’ve talked to thousands of people who have lost their homes to natural disasters or fires and the results we’ve found are quite shocking. Over 90% of these people are badly uninsured. Losing your home can be one of the most traumatizing events that will ever happen to you and on top of that to then find out that you will not be getting the full value of your home back will be a total shock to the system.

Losing your home is like losing a part of your life. Imagine losing all your family photos, your clothes, your jewelry, your TV and other electrical equipment. In essence you’re losing all your life’s work and then to find out that you won’t even be getting the full value back. Unbelievable!

By now you must be wondering- “what can I do to protect myself?” Thankfully our team of local insurance experts have collected some tips to help you avoid a terrifying under insurance valuation nightmare.

Ask your Insurance Agent to Help you Calculate the Cost of Rebuilding your Home

Remember they are the experts; this is what they do for a living. Use their expertise!

Check your Valuation Independently

Even though your insurance agent has quoted you, it never hurts to have this independently verified. The more work you do, the more security you have.

Search out a Guaranteed Replacement Plan

Although companies that offer this are hard to find and even harder to get their cover, they do exist and if you are one of the lucky ones you will be guaranteed a direct replacement for all your incurred losses.

Ensure Coverage of all your Structures

Don’t forget your garages, sheds, guest houses etc. Unless actually written into your policy you might not have these structures insured. Be thorough. Why risk exposure if you can avoid it?

We hope these tips help you to ensure you get the most out of your insurance agent and guarantee that your home is insured to its full value enabling you to recover from the loss of your home as easily as possible.

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