Disasters Raise Insurance Claim Questions – Are you Covered?

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So far this summer, we’ve had disasters all over the US that have caused billions in damage. From hail in Texas, to drought in Illinois, floods in Florida and Minnesota and wildfire in Colorado, it’s clear that there are disaster risks all over the country. The most common insurance claim questions are about coverage; with so much risk out there it’s better to answer those questions before you need to ask them.

Disasters can affect any area of your business or you home life, so you need to make sure that you have adequate coverage in every area. Let’s look at the types of insurances that you may need to claim in the event of a disaster.

Property and Casualty

Your home or business’ location are going to be high priority when you ask insurance claim questions. They’re also the biggest risk in a disaster situation. Fires, floods or even large balls of hail can cause serious damage to property so it’s vital that you have the right coverage to get yourself back up and running.

It’s also important to check exclusions; flood for example is a common disaster that’s excluded. You need to find out about this information now while you’re just asking insurance questions, because if something goes wrong and these become insurance claim questions you could be in trouble.


Your vehicle, or vehicles, is another vital asset that needs to be protected. The mobile nature of vehicles puts them at much higher risk than buildings. So it’s just as important to ensure you have adequate coverage, and again check your exclusions.

When people think of the insurance claim questions about auto insurance, they think of crashes. But disasters can be just as devastating to a vehicle.


You may not want to think about it, but in a disaster your life is at risk. And insurance is all about covering every possible risk. It’s good advice generally, but especially if you live in an area at risk of disaster, to make sure you have adequate life coverage.

Disasters can occur at any time and if it does you’ll end up asking a lot of insurance claim questions. If you have the appropriate coverage, the answers to those questions will be a lot better.


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