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What is “Drive other Car” coverage and why might I need it?

Drive other Car or ”DOC” coverage needs to be added to every commercial auto policy where a driver on the policy does not own a vehicle in his or her own name or have a personal auto policy where they are at the very least listed as a driver

DOC extends the liability from a commercial auto policy to vehicles “borrowed” from others. A good example would be business owner Mr. Jones who provides a company car to Mrs. Jones and uses a company owned vehicle himself. Mr. & Mrs. Jones do not own any other vehicles personally and there is no personal auto policy in place. Without DOC on the company auto policy there is no liability coverage for losses which occur while Mr. and Mrs. Jones are operating “borrowed” vehicles.

Many times this very important coverage is overlooked leaving potentially a million dollar gap in your insurance program. If you are primarily driving a company owned vehicle has your agent reviewed this exposure with you to be sure you are adequately protected?

The costs associated with DOC coverage is usually in the $200 to $400 range annually depending on your limits and vehicles driven which is pretty reasonable when considering the potential $1,000,000 plus you could be exposed to personally without the endorsement on your commercial auto policy.

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