Flying? Know Your Rights

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I was reading a magazine article last week and while my thoughts were on Travel Insurance the following I found interesting:

1) When you get bumped from a flight, there are minimum payments entitles to you by law. For domestic trips you are entitled to a cash payment of 200% of the one way fare and up to $650 if it delays your trip from one to two hours from your original arrival. Beyond that you can get up to 400% and $1,300.

2) If your flight is delayed: there is no financial obligation on the side of the airline. If you are delayed on the tarmac more than 2 hours you only get snacks and water. But if you are flying internationally it may be worth the wait – if waiting for more than 5 hours you can be refunded!

3) If you lose a bag you can be reimbursed up to $3,300. The catch here is that you must prove how much your stuff is worth.

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