Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles – Things You May Need to Know!

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While we at Deland, Gibson are not directly related to the Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles, there are many situations when you will need to contact us for registry transactions.

We want to share some of the more frequent topics we see that you may need to know, especially for our younger operators.

Driver’s License Renewals:

The Registry no longer notifies you that your driver’s license is coming up for renewal.  It’s probably a good idea to take it out of your wallet now and check the expiration date.  You can also go online ( to the license inquiry link.  Licenses are renewed every five years on your birthday. Some renewals can be done online.  A license cannot be renewed when there are unpaid obligations such as outstanding parking tickets, unpaid excise, or Fast Lane/E-Z Pass bills.  Driving without a valid driver’s license is a surchargeable violation.*

Registration Renewals:

Renewal registration forms are mailed directly from the RMV.  If the renewal registration form states insurance stamp not needed, you can renew online.  If the form states insurance stamp needed, you must send the renewal form to your agent for an insurance stamp/signature.  If you sign and send the renewal registration form to us with the renewal fee, we will forward the renewal registration form and your check on to the RMV.

If there are unpaid obligations such as outstanding Parking Tickets, unpaid Excise Tax or Fast Lane/E-Z Pass bills, you will not receive any notification from the RMV.  You can now go online to check to see if your registration is current at the Registration Inquiry link on the Registry website.  Operating an unregistered car is a surchargeable incident.*

We get many calls from people who either did not receive the plate sticker or it has come off the plate.  You can get a new sticker by taking your active registration to the Registry.  There is no fee for this service.

Cancelling Plates Online:

License plates can be cancelled on line through the website as long as you have at least one of the plates in your possession.  When the plates are cancelled online, you will be able to print out the plate return receipt.  This receipt can be downloaded and emailed.  You will need to send this form to us in order to cancel the insurance.  It is very important that you destroy the plates once they are cancelled.  This form may also be needed for abatement on your excise tax.

Inspection Sticker:

A Mass Safety Inspection needs to be done within 7 days of registering a car, with subsequent inspections once a year.  Failure to operate a vehicle without a valid inspection sticker is a surchargeable violation.*

Turning in Old Plates:

After years of wear and tear, plates can become unreadable.   A license plate must be readable from 60 feet away by law.  Once any green or red passenger plate has lost its reflective coating or paint, it must be replaced.  You can be cited for this violation and you will not be able to obtain the yearly safety inspection.  Most green or red plates can be turned into the Registry in return for a new set of red plates.  If you have special plates you can order replacements through the Registry.


*Insurance premiums can be affected by traffic or moving violations.   There is a detailed list of all violations on the Merit Rating Board website which can be accessed at the bottom of the Registry ( homepage.  

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