Social Media Risk: Your Employees

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I’ll admit a guilty pleasure. I am on Facebook almost every day. I’ll get home, have dinner and then scan the news feed. Without fault, I’ll find something that could lead to a lawsuit.

This is another emerging risk where the general public is for the most part uninformed of the potential personal injury risks that could lead to a large out of pocket expense. Another indirect cost could be the damaged reputation and brand of the employer. If sensitive information about clients or other employees are gossiped about that could be a HUGE exposure. The latest internet scanning tools search things that are said on all social platforms – if it is posted, it can be found – even if it was “deleted”.

Don’t be the next statistic – get you and your firm educated on social media risk.

DG offers a 1.5 hour session on how to proactively manage social media risks for your business and your employees – contact Chip Gibson for more information or to schedule a seminar.

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