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Now that Summer is officially in full swing here is a quick reminder about the summer “risks”:

  • Be careful with any outside burning including the annual BBQ cookouts.  Keep grills away from home and compost.
  • Reminder – Fireworks are illegal.
  • Be careful with any lawn equipment – take full precautions including protective eye gear and steel tip boots when working in the yard.
  • Take this time to inspect the property and address any exposures before hurricane season begins.
  • Theft from vehicles – we all like to keep the windows down on a hot day, but make sure to keep valuables out of sight.  Park in location that is viewable by others – the same goes for the home.
  • Protect the home – as with theft from vehicles, do not leave windows and doors open if the home is not attended.  We strongly recommend that the home be secure even if you are at home.
  • Car Rentals – this is the time of the year that people will go on vacation and rent a vehicle.  Check the rental agreement and credit card benefits. See link for more info.
  • Personal Watercraft and ATV’s – summer is a great time to play with the “toys”.  But take care and drive responsibly.


We from Deland, Gibson hope you have a great and safe summer.

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