Sprinklers In Your Home

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To give credit where credit is due – the US Government puts up a lot of GREAT information on the internet. The problem is that many people do not see it, or are not aware of it because there is no marketing budget to spread the word. So we at Deland, Gibson are doing our part!

On the commercial lines floor we were recently discussing a builders risk policy regarding a new home construction project in the area  and the question of if there was going to be a sprinkler system installed was raised. At first many people did not think that residential construction included this. Do end the debate we did what every else in the world now does to verify information – we googled it… A quick internet search found some great info and shows that a home sprinkler system is an awesome idea to add them to your home! (They can also be subtly installed so they are not an eye sore.) Some statistics to make you think a little more deeply about this upgrade:

Fires in residences have taken a high toll of life and property. In 2010 there were:

  • 362,100 residential building fires
  • 2,555 civilian fire deaths
  • 13,275 civilian fire injuries
  • $6.6 billion in property damage

Check out the FEMA page for more info. On the financial side, you will save on insurance costs if this system is added to your home.

See the below video and also please check out the FEMA website on sprinkler systems for your home:


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