Heat Advisory

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It’s a heatwave:


A part of our ongoing service plan to our clients and partners is to remind everyone to keep all: family members, guests, employees, coworkers, subcontractors, EVERYONE hydrated through this latest heat wave. This includes anyone working at your home. 

The various news stations are recommending:

  • Frozen Yogurt is better to keep people hydrated than ice cream (it has more water than ice cream).
  • Alternate Water and Electrolytes hydrating drinks (i.e. Sports Drink) as too much of the sugar in these drinks will cause dehydration.
  • Keep an eye on all employees and allow for additional breaks to cool down the core body temperature
  • Hydration test – pinch the skin under the eyes or on the back of the hand, if it holds it shape then the employee is getting dehydrated. 
  • Wear Sunscreen.

 Additionally, please keep and eye on any clients that visit your office. Should anyone look dehydrated, ask them is you can provide them with a drink of water or offer them a seat in the shade. If an employer, document this for onsite records and include the person’s name and if they need attention.

Please visit the National Weather Service website for additional information and safety tips:


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