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If you have perused delandgibson.com you may have seen information on human resources. Often we find small to mid-sized businesses lack topnotch human resources. Those firms may or may not have an HR department and often those firms could use some help with forms and other procedures so they don’t have to “re-invent the wheel”.  Because of this need  Deland, Gibson offers a platform called HRThatWorks which encompasses virtually everything you need in HR. For a quick overview check out the video at the bottom of this page: HR Solutions

The CEO of HRThatWorks, Don Phin puts out a monthly Compliance and Culture Newsletter. Within this month’s edition there are a few great topics that are very relevant for most businesses. The months topics are:

  • Editor’s Column: The HR Alchemist
  • Sexual Harassment: Some Folks Still Don’t Get It!
  • Weed and Work
  • The Importance of Testing Employees

This is a great read and we highly recommend you read the part on testing prospects during the hiring process.

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If you want more info on this HR platform please email Chip Gibson at cgibsonjr@delandgibson.com


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