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A couple of months ago DG’s own Les Stacy went on an Alaskan cruise with his Wife, Anne. Before leaving for the trip all of us in the office knew how excited he was. We heard some of his itinerary and thought some of his goals of the trip was to play golf at midnight (when the sun is still out in Alaska), see some of the indigenous animals of the area such as bears and whales and to possibly swim in the frigid water. When he came back, he had another highlight of the trip that surprised us all.

This is an email from Les with his story:

This dancing with the stars contest was on our cruise to Alaska,  they had 3 dances, Samba, Jive, and Cha Cha.

I was picked in the preliminary round as one of two finalists for the Jive.   The final night of the cruise in front of 300 people  the 6 amateurs danced with professional dancers.  The Winner got a free cruise for two to the Bahamas in 2014 with all the other cruise winners, then they would have a dancing with the stars contest from the actual show.

I came in second just missing my big chance at stardom.

Les is a special part of DG who always embodies our core value: “We Have Fun”.

Here is the evidence:

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