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Contractor, personal residence

A contractor working on a personal residence

A recent blog post from our friends at Gentle Giant Moving Company outlined the proper steps to take when hiring a company for tasks like plumbing, moving, painting etc. To many homeowners asking for a certificate or proof of insurance is common practice as it puts you at ease before hiring the contractor – But do you know what to look for when you receive the certificate?

Through Deland, Gibson’s signature process, The Deland, Gibson Difference, one of the measures we take is to ensure that the certificates you receive from potential workers meet proper standards. Here are a few steps we take to ensure our clients’ best interests:

1.)    What company is the other party insured with? What is their A.M. Best Rating?

2.)    What is the expiration date of the other parties coverage? Will they have coverage in place when they perform their duty?

3.)    What coverages do they have? Do you they have auto coverage? Do they have workers compensation coverage?

4.)    What are the limits? We recommend each third party that performs work for you should have $1,000,000 in liability and auto coverage.  They should also carry at least the state minimum for worker compensation coverage.

5.)   The certificate should list you, the client, as an additional insured and have the third party insurance company list the endorsement that includes additional insured coverage.

The are DG’s top five steps we take when analyzing a insured’s certificate. It can be helpful for you to put a process in place like this and it is a great way to transfer risk to another party. For more information please contact our office 781-237-1515 or

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