When Disaster Strikes

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As Winter is coming – so do Nor Easters – powerful storms that can leave the region crippled from ice storms to feet of snow. Agility Recovery

We at DG have secured preferred pricing for our clients for memberships with Agility Disaster Recovery.

More info on Agility:
· Agility began 23 years ago as a unit of General Electric.
· General Electric started Agility because they saw a need for businesses
to recover from disasters at or near their normal location.

What They Do – From Agility:

Agility provides 4 key elements of disaster recovery:

1. Office Space complete with desks and chairs.
2. Power for your office.
3. Communication: Telephone and Internet access.
4. Computer system: Computers, servers, printers, fax.

Culture of Success:

General Electric built an infrastructure to ensure success. In the 23 years that
Agility has been in business, we have rescued 1000’s of businesses and never failed.

When you sign-up:

When you become a member, a continuity planner will contact you and
gather some basic information so we know how to recover your business
if you have a disaster. For example:

1. How many employees need to be up and running?
2. What are the power requirements of your office?
3. Where do you store your data?
4. What kind of computers, servers, and operating system do you use?
5. How do you want your phone calls handled during a disaster?
All of this information is placed into a secure website called myAgility;
which becomes the foundation of your recovery plan.
When You Have a Disaster

When disaster strikes, our operations team works with you to determine
what needs to be recovered. The price of your recovery is limited to
Agility’s out-of-pocket expenses. For example:

· If we fly a technician to your office to set-up computers, we charge you for
the airfare, but not his time. He’s on our payroll.
· If you needed a server, we would take one from our stock and ship it to you.
You simply pay the shipping.
· If you need power, we’ll provide a generator, deliver it, install it, and bill you our exact costs.

Whether you have Agility or not, you would still have the same recovery needs.
With Agility, it gets done faster, cheaper and more effectively.

Most importantly – we get it done every time.

Disasters Happen

Sometimes they’re serious.

Sometimes they’re small, like a server outage. Sometimes they’re big, like a tornado.
Regardless of the size, if you don’t have a plan your business may be forever altered.

During a disaster there are more important things for you to focus on instead of trying
to rebuild your infrastructure. That’s where Agility comes in.

At the moment when you’re most vulnerable to being overcharged and under-served,
you will have a partner that has done it for 23 years, 1000’s of times and never failed…
and we don’t profit from your disaster.

Ask Yourself

• Do you believe that a disaster could happen?
• Do you believe that without a plan in place, your business could be seriously affected?
• Do you believe that Agility, after 23 years and 1000’s of recoveries, will be there
for your business?

If you answered, “Yes,” then this is an easy decision and we would love to
welcome you as a member.

Connect with Chip Gibson at Deland, Gibson for more info: 781.237.1515

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