Brand Risk and Reputation – Spinning to Positive

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Fast Company often has extremely interesting and informative articles posted to their twitter account – We at DG recommend that you follow them.

One of the most recent tweets was an article about reputation and if you are properly monitoring your reputation on social media you can get a grasp of your clientele and their feeling about your products and your firm. With this you can then take proactive measures to counteract the current negative feedback to show the public you care and that you want to make them happy.

Check out the below article to see how Maker’s Mark, The Red Cross and LoyaltyOne took the opportunity to make bad publicity into good publicity and gain a positive impact on their brand.

FastCompany “…turning oops into opportunity”

This begs the question: Are you actively managing your brand on the internet? If you are not you could be losing out on extremely positive feedback for you and your firm that could be utilized and promoted OR you may be just sweeping a problem under the rug that could have potentially been fostered into an unforeseen positive experience. Don’t miss out on that potential viral situation that could lead your company to exponential exposure.

Ask  Chip Gibson @ DG if you want more guidance on a Social Media jump start and risk management.



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