Commercial Property: Own a Boiler? Read This…

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Early last quarter HSB (Hartford Steam Boiler) came to our office and completely wowed the Commercial Lines department at Deland, Gibson. As we are constantly looking for proactive ways to lower risk and to drive dollars to the bottom line of our clients – HSB’s program fit perfectly into our philosophy.

Most facilities and buildings that have a boiler do not make the connection between the costs associated and insurance, but within a properly constructed policy there are many valuable benefits that can help owners save on insurance and other ancillary costs. For example:

  • Help with energy efficiency
  • Help with corrosion
  • Saving money via regular maintenance

All are topics discussed in the following video from HSB: View HSB Video 

Connect with DG for more information on Hartford Steam Boiler products and services and how they fit into your Risk Reduction Plan.

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