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The statistics of teen drivers are not pretty. 75% of teen drivers that have had their license for at least 2 years have gotten into an accident. You can buy the safest car in the world but at the end of the day driving conservatively is the key for teens to stay safe on the roads.

Because of the teen accident statistics, insurance for your inexperienced operator is extremely expensive – add at least $100 a month to your bill when you add a newly licensed operator.

To help with both of these issues is a program on driver training. This is in addition to driving school and it helps drivers deal with on the road situations of tight turns and water… AND it also affords a solid discount on your auto insurance policy!

The Boston Globe did a piece on this topic: Click Here

If you are interested in driver training for you, your teen or your entire family – and we highly recommend this – check out In Control. Also check in with your DG representative as discounts on this may be available.


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