Revere Tornado: Disaster Recovery

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As many in the Greater Boston Area know, a tornado ripped through Revere on Monday July 28th.

You can read more about it here.

Thankfully no one was killed and the area is rebounding and cleaning up. This got me thinking back to our seminar June 24th on Weather and Disaster Recovery. I haven’ t heard too much regarding who was affected by the tornado, but I cannot imagine how hard it will be for a business to get back on its feet after such an event. I think how Deland, Gibson could have been affected and I am thankful for all of the work and planning we have put into being able to rebound from potentially being displaced. A huge part of our planning was aided by Agility Recovery. **They are awesome – Connect for more info on their services**

From my experience on hearing from other businesses in the area, I doubt many would be as prepared as we are. This isn’t about bragging about our preparation – but merely to show that we have learned from our personal experience due to the elevator fire that displaced us in 2006. Without that I can’t confidently say we would have put in the same amount of work as we have to this point.

Learn from the recent events and our experience!

This Tornado is not just close to home – it may have destroyed our home. It is just another reason to review and improve upon your firm’s disaster recovery / business continuity plan. DG is here to help you and your firm get started. We will identify areas of weakness and address the issues (via our relationship with Agility Recovery) with ways to make your firm more insulated from being shut down.

Connect with me, Chip Gibson or your DG representative to learn more.


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