Deland, Gibson Feature on NECN’s “Money Saving Mondays”

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Tom Skelly, Vice President of Sales & Operations here at Deland, Gibson, was featured this week on NECN’s “Money Saving Mondays” segment.  In the NECN article and video below, Tom gives advice on finding ways to save on Massachusetts Car Insurance in today’s “managed competition” market.

Deland, Gibson works with numerous car insurance companies, seeking the one that will give you the greatest discount and best suit your needs as a driver.  Because Deland, Gibson covers all of your insurance needs, discounts can be found by using the same insurer as your home, for example.  Other deductions can be found by dropping collision coverage, by watching for promotions, by driving less miles – and of course, by being a safe driver.

There are too many discounts and companies to list here, however if you are interested please reference this Brief Auto Discount Cheatsheet that highlights different discounts. You should also note that there are options that can be added to increase coverage and other benefits that are often highlighted in the many advertisements you hear on the radio and see on the TV. Two notable examples are Accident Forgiveness and Loan Gap Coverage.

Read the NECN Article below, and connect with your Deland, Gibson representative to learn more about ways that you can save on your car insurance.

Excerpt from “Money Saving Mondays”:

On top of all it costs to own a car and drive a car and fuel a car in Massachusetts, six years after the introduction of what officials call “managed competition,” it still costs a pile to insure a car in Massachusetts – on average, over $1,600 a year. Finding ways to save, however, is not hopeless, and in our search for strategies, we went to the top –

Tom Skelly is chairman of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents and vice president of sales and operations at Deland, Gibson Insurance Associates Inc. in Wellesley Lower Falls. Skelly said thanks to managed competition, the best place to start is to look around for every last discount now available.

Of course, you can save money by using the same insurer for home as auto insurance. Beyond that, some insurers will cut your bill by a few percent if you have low annual mileage or you have a transit pass or you’re a newlywed. High-school kids can save their parents by getting good grades or taking an advanced drivers’ class.

A policy sent to you via email and you want no paper at all? There’s a discount,” Skelly said.

-Peter Howe, NECN

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