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We’ve been noticing a troubling HR and Benefits trend – payroll and software companies entering the health insurance market and offering HR systems at little or no cost. Companies sign over their benefits and, in the case of PEO’s, their employees over to them, enticed by the ease of the technology and promise of peace of mind.

These technology-based brokers may create easy standard solutions, but how can they know about your business’ unique culture and needs?  How can data experts advise you on employee engagement or business perpetuation?

There’s a difference between a broker who is Technology BASED and one who is Technology BACKED.

Deland, Gibson is proud to offer an HR solution that looks at your company’s singular issues, handles enrollment and administration of employee benefits plans, tracks information for compliance reviews, and helps clear all of the paper off your desk so that you can spend your time on tasks more essential to your business goals.

Streamline your benefits administration and work with experienced DG advisors who will help you lower your total cost of risk, without exorbitant, hidden fees. Contact Margaret Short, Vice President of Benefits, to learn more: (781) 943-1835 |

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