New England may not want to admit it, but… Winter is Coming – Be Prepared!

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roofI am sure everyone can recall our past winter and specific details about shoveling it, driving in it or just walking in it. Winter is coming again and from what the Farmers’ Almanac predicts, it could be a repeat of the last for the North East.
Ice Dams! Did you have problems with ice dams? They were devastating for an unprecedented amount of homeowners.

Ice dams are caused by poor roof ventilation and a warm attic space. They will form when snow is melted slowly by that warm roof which creates water which then typically freezes along the edge at the gutter. This then causes water to pool and seep through the roof and into your home.

The best methods to mitigate and prevent this from happening are to use more insulation and have proper roof ventilation. Once the snow comes you can prep in other ways as well; here are some suggestions:

  1. Get a Roof Rake which a long handled shovel used to pull snow off the roof.
  2. Calcium Chloride or a similar ice melt product can be applied directly on the edge of the roof. Since you will need a ladder this may not be the safest bet. Calcium Chloride can also be purchased in tablet forms which you can throw up on the roof.
  3. Find a local roofer who will shovel your roof or a company that can steam away ice dams. (It is paramount that this contractor has insurance. Contact us for more information on proper verification)

In the middle of the madness last season many stores ran out of both Roof Rakes and Calcium Chloride so you may want to stock up now and be prepared. Many contractors were also backed up weeks before they could help, this allowed for many unlicensed and insured people to get on people’s roofs exposing the homeowner to a potentially large bodily injury liability. This is just a proactive reminder to be prepared – Just in case!

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