Bob Lobel Suing Woodland GC – Are You Prepared?

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Are you prepared to accommodate disabled golfers?  How would you handle this situation at your club?  In case you missed it… click here for Boston Globe article.

Questions we ask club clients:

  1. What is your plan for accommodating disabled golfers?
    1. Do you allow SoloRider and ParaGolfer?
    2. Our Research at DG: An average adult male standing on a green will exert 6 to 8 psi of ground pressure.  Consider this combined with a cart, the tires’ surface area, and potential for friction/scraping when positioning and using the cart.
  2. Are you prepared and how would you react to litigation?
    1. Do you have proper insurance limits?
    2. Do you have the proper insurance coverage/policy?
  3. How do you best handle the media?
    1. What are your internal procedures for communicating to the media?
    2. Who is your designated spokesperson?

Litigation and the ADA are business and strategic risks a club must address. For a great starting point, click here for an informational PDF from the Club Managers Association of America.

In regards to protecting the greens: The University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources details problems and solutions of Turfgrass Traffic and Compaction: click here to read.  This is a great discussion point to address with your Superintendent as you determine how to protect your greens.  We’ve also found it’s paramount to pay attention to traffic and compaction on finished landscapes; in other words shorter grass requires more careful attention.

Please let us know if you’d like to discuss risk management at your club.


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