A Proactive Thanksgiving: You & Your Business

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I am so fortunate that I can be thankful for so many things as I reflect at Thanksgiving. This year I am planning on keeping those good feelings pre – and post – feast.


We all know the feeling. The overindulgent bloating uncomfortable feeling of a post-Thanksgiving feast.

With some proactive planning you can avoid discomfort and skim fat off your body – and your business – this holiday season.

Fiber is important for digestion and weight control but you need to ramp up your body’s tolerance otherwise it is common to produce uncomfortable excess gas. Opt for cooked veggies over a lettuce-based salad, substitute berries for apple pie, and steer clear of broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and whole grains which often contain glutinous “binding” proteins.

Procedures are important for production but overly detailed or bloated systems can bog down time efficiency. Evaluate workflows and implement simple productive checklists. Part of lowering your business’ Total Cost of Risk includes reducing indirect costs like time spent training.

Fatty foods slow down digestion and give food longer to ferment in your body. Keep fried foods, cream, and butter in moderation.

Using social media for advertising will help to skim the fat off your advertising budget but be aware of the reputational risks that arise with conducting your own marketing.

Salt will make you retain water and make you feel bloated. Many canned foods contain high levels of salt.

Avoid potential hazards by identifying and controlling situations before they become a problem. Create a custom prevention plan that works specifically for you instead of relying on canned risk reduction strategies.

If you know that you are going to indulge, start your day with a probiotic yogurt, some gentle core stretches, and drink water with fresh lemon slices to aid in digestion.

Business risks are not always avoidable but having a clear concise plan to handle situations will keep your business health and profitable. Here’s to a successful holiday season!

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