Deland, Gibson Giving Committee: Holiday Happenings & Giving

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This holiday season, the DGGC (Deland, Gibson Giving Committee) was busy! First, we participated in Toys for Tots where the DG employees all brought in gifts for local children.
Next, the DGGC (Deland, Gibson Giving Committee) wanted to reach out to people whom may not have family around during the holidays. We found the Elizabeth Seton Residence in Wellesley, where residents did not have any active family members. When asked what they wished for this Christmas – they all said bathrobes! So with contributions from Deland, Gibson and their employees, 20 robes with assorted toiletries were purchased.
DGGC hosted a “Wrapping Party” for the employees so the gifts could be wrapped in holiday paper with festive decorations. Packages were delivered and will be opened on Christmas Day!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Deland, Gibson Insurance!

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