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WickedLocal Favorites

The voting has started, and the community’s voices are being heard! WickedLocal Favorites is calling for votes from the local community for the 2016 “Best in Town” Readers Choice Awards. By clicking here, you can cast your ballot for your favorite local shopping, services, restaurants, and entertainment choices. To vote, you’ll need to write your choice for the Best in your area for 10 local spots – from eateries to hospitals to – well, insurance companies!

Why Deland, Gibson?

We would be honored to have your vote for “The Best In Town”. Deland, Gibson has been locally owned and family operated for 116 years, launched in 1900 by Charles Deland, uncle of current president Charles Gibson’s father. By the 1930s, the agency was called “Deland, Gibson”, and has since been carried down through the family, now with Charlie’s sons Charles (Chip) and Edward (Ted) as CEO and COO, respectively.

The family history behind Deland, Gibson is important, as it represents the company’s long lasting, committed values of loyalty, trust, and integrity. While larger firms may have transient staff and change gears often to win new clients, Deland, Gibson has grown steadily with a clear, time-honored mission, a focus on continuous relationships with clients, and leading edge knowledge.

The Deland, Gibson Difference: “Our goal is to be a trusted business partner and advisor, assisting clients in lowering their overall risk, boosting their operating efficiency, and maximizing their profit potential and competitive abilities.”

Are we your Hometown Favorite? Have you felt the Deland, Gibson Difference? Please consider us when you vote for the Readers Choice Awards. Click the button below to submit your ballot, and thank you for voting for Deland, Gibson Insurance!

WickedLocal Favorites Readers Choice Awards



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