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The history of insurance goes way back several centuries. Whether it was hunting giant elk in a group to spread the risk of being the one gored to death or shipping cargo in several different caravans to avoid losing the whole shipment to a marauding tribe, people have always been wary of risk.

At the time, the thought of financially protecting, or “insuring” one’s property or activities was probably perceived as ludicrous…even crazy! But after the premise was accepted, there isn’t anything humanity wouldn’t try to insure.

It is in this spirit of providing financial security that Deland, Gibson is excited to announce some new coverages due this month.


A midlife crisis poses real financial risks. Some escape relatively unscathed, while others find themselves purchasing expensive motor vehicles and/or boats and engaging in pricey pursuits such as divorce and changing careers. For peace of mind, 40UP coverage is available. Note: Purchasers must be aged 30 or under and maintain continuous coverage to qualify. Certain underwriting conditions apply.


It’s hard these days to know who to trust. By buying BullSure, you’re covered in the event that you’re taken in by a Nigerian Prince scammer, investment spelunker or other dishonest parties due to your own gullibility. Note: under the policy guidelines, you must use your best endeavors not to be scammed. Certain underwriting conditions apply.


Whether it’s in sports or another field of endeavor, a highly talented child is an expense few parents can bear without risk to their standard of living and that of their other children. Costs include coaching, competition entry, intensive camps and more. Expectant parents who take out TalentEase insurance are covered in the event their little darling really is exceptional. Note: special talent must be independently validated in the event of a claim. Certain underwriting conditions apply.


If you or your kids rely on the convenience and social connection offered by texting, injury to one or both thumbs could be very distressing. With ThumbSure, you’ll be covered for counseling and get access to our patented text retraining program, which will have you communicating with other digits in no time!


The impact of buyers’ remorse is often underestimated. It can leave you doubting your own judgment… but not if you take out a BuyOath policy. We swear that if you change your mind on a purchase and are unable to return it, we’ll cover the difference between what you paid and what you’re able to sell it for. Note: the BuyOath protection cannot be used to cover buyers regret over the purchase of a BuyOath policy.


Shoppers, we’ve got you covered! With FitSure, you’ll be reimbursed fast whenever you come to the distressing realization that the item of clothing or footwear which seemed comfortable in the shop, in fact, does not fit you. Note: poor fit due to weight gain (or loss) is excluded under the policy. Certain underwriting conditions apply.

Who would have thought there is an insurance policy for all of these situations! If it’s you, you may want to seriously consider looking into a BullSure policy. For Saturday was April Fool’s Day. And this is an April Fool’s Day prank (yes, we know it was a few days ago, but who reads Blogs during the weekend?). So sadly, there is no 40Up, Bullsure, TalentToken, ThumbSure or BuyOath Policy. Nor is there a FitSure policy, which we feel strongly about.

Happy April!!!

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