All You Need To Know About The 2017 Low Number Plate Lottery

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Once again, it is that time of the year when the Massachusetts low plate lottery registration is taking place. MassDOT’s Registry allows drivers the opportunity to win a plate. But not just any plate number. The lottery winner will get one from a cache of low numbered and custom plates. Those who want to take part in this lottery, should do so right away. They can use the RMV mail-in applications. Or they can go to any Registry service center which are located all over the state.

High Number Of Applications Expected

According to Rachel Kaprielian, who is a Registrar of Motor Vehicles, they expect a high number of applications. The annual lottery brings in hundreds of applicants each year. And every year, the numbers continue to grow. That’s because it is very easy for a person to fill out an application online. With so many people having access to mobile devices and computers, the numbers have risen dramatically. Rachel states that “We see interest and fascination from customers year after year.”

In total, there are 162 plates which will be up for the taking in the lottery. Last year, the MassRMV received an astounding 8,600 applications. The total number of plates available in 2016 was 183 plates. The previous year, only 2,600 people took part in applications for the plates. The numbers clearly show a high spike in applicants and those trying to win the coveted low number plates.

Rachel Kaprielian went on to explain that participants are not just trying to win numbers only plate. Some are vying for “a lucky number or letter combination.” In addition, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles says that other lottery enthusiasts are looking to win novelty plates. That is easy numbers to remember. Lastly, some applicants simply want to be a part of history. For them, knowing they won a low number plate, is a reward in itself.

Deadline Date For Low Number Plates

If you are one of those who wants to take part in the low number plate lottery, there is a deadline. Entries must be postmarked no later than August 25, 2017. The same goes for applications received online. Any entries after the deadline, will not be eligible for the low number plate lottery.

Another Registrar at the MassRMV named Erin Deveney, said that participants love the lottery. She states “The low plate lottery is our customers’ favorite annual event at the Registry.” Miss Deveney is referring to the increase in number of applicants. Also, there’s the popularity the annual event garnishes in social media and several websites. Erin went on to say that they are offering customers an even more streamlined online application process. This will make it easier for people to apply. In fact, they are encouraging people to visit They ask that participants enter the lottery electronically, and save themselves the stamp.

Other things To Keep In Mind

When it comes to the application process for the low number plate lottery, there are a few things to keep in mind. Remember that postcard entries are not accepted by MassRMV. Plus, anyone who wins the lottery, has a certain time limit to register their vehicles. If the winner of the low number license plate does not do so by December 31, 2017, they will forfeit their plate. In case that happens, the plates which have been forfeited, will go to 25 alternative winners. The list of alternative winners will be chosen during the drawing.

Some of the low plate numbers which are available this year include numbers such as 4455, 8888, 33E, 8J, M88, and X1. People who own a low number plate, must renew them every two years. If you haven’t done so already, you should register online today. That will give you a great chance to win a low number plate in this year’s popular lottery!

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