Preventative Care for Your Bottom Line

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As employers continue to look for ways to manage rising health care costs, many are turning to workplace wellness programs to improve employees’ well-being and to help manage or prevent chronic conditions. According to a recent study from Health Affairs, a health care policy journal, for every dollar spent on wellness, medical costs drop an average of $3.27 and absenteeism costs fall by $2.73. If developed and implemented effectively, your company could achieve a similar return on investment (ROI) on your wellness initiatives.

The idea of designing a workplace wellness program from scratch, though, can be overwhelming. Workplace wellness programs require thorough planning and a keen eye for detail. Haphazardly rolling out a wellness program can alienate employees and become a financial strain on your organization.

How to Get Started

Not sure where to start? Need help fine-tuning your program so you can achieve a positive ROI? That’s why Deland, Gibson Insurance Associates, Inc. is here to help.  Please contact me at 781-239-7625 or

Providing Peace of Mind Through Proactive Service

Deland, Gibson: a Trusted Choice, Five Star Accredited independent insurance agency. Established in Massachusetts in 1900, Deland, Gibson is a 4th generation family-run insurance agency that has thrived working as a trusted advisor for its client base. We work with individuals and businesses to lower their Total Cost of Risk. We analyze a client’s direct and indirect costs and implement risk reduction plans to address areas of business, hazard, or strategic risk.

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