Must-Know Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween can be a fun time for both adults and children, and who doesn’t like a good scare on Halloween? Safety should be of the utmost concern for those venturing out on Halloween, especially when attending parties, going to scare houses and trick or treating events.

Decorating for Halloween

For those who take part in the decorating side of Halloween, such as pumpkin carving, keep in mind that small children can participate using markers and crayons, but should never be allowed to carve the pumpkin.

Provide Adequate Lighting

It’s always a good idea to use glow sticks or flashlights as a safer option for pumpkin lighting rather than burning candles. In addition, parents can reduce risk by keeping the porch and walkways free of clutter to avoid any tripping hazards for visitors. Homeowners should always ensure adequate lighting is available and should take measures to replace any bulbs that have burned out. If pets are at the home, they should be restrained if visitors are expected.

Choosing a Costume

The majority of the time, trick or treating usually occurs after dark, so choose attire that is bright and reflective. If necessary, add additional reflective tape or striping for greater visibility. Don’t forget that the tape can be added to trick or treat bags as well. Avoid oversized heels, and be sure that everyone has shoes that fit properly, as well as clothing that doesn’t drag the ground to prevent tripping hazards.

When applying makeup, be mindful that non-toxic, mineral-based makeup will be the safer option. If possible, avoid makeup altogether and choose a costume with a mask. This only makes for an easier clean up at the end of a long, tiring night of trick or treating.

If you choose to wear hats or wigs, be sure the items are flame-resistant and fit properly without blocking eyesight. Masks should fit securely while providing adequate ventilation and appropriate-sized eye holes so vision is clear at all times. For the safety of everyone, any accessories, such as swords, canes, or knives, should be soft and flexible and not sharp or too long.

Planning the Trick or Treating Route

An adult should always accompany smaller children when making rounds for collecting candy. If older children are going unsupervised, allow at least one youth to have access to a cell phone, and be sure and plan an acceptable route together. The route should be well lit and have sidewalks available. Set a time for checking in and returning home.

Checking Candy

At the end of the night, adults should go through the collected treats and remove any that are not age appropriate and appear to have been tampered with or not in proper packaging. To prevent a possible, sugar overload, plan to have a good meal before heading out for a fun-filled Halloween night.

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