Pioneer Institute Hewitt Healthcare Lecture Recap

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On Monday the 8th I was fortunate enough to attend the Pioneer Institute’s event featuring Alex Azar, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services. The long and short of this is that he has a big job and one piece of that is running the largest health insurance company in the world: Medicare & Medicaid.

Saving the politics, his message was great. The topics included:

  • Eliminating HIV through big data and real-time response.
  • Price Transparency, with the shift to larger deductible plans it has made it imperative for people to understand the process. Azar stated “You should know what the service costs before you commit to paying for it.” His epiphany on the subject came when he was to do a stress test and with a high deductible plan became more price conscious. He came to find that his referred (renowned teaching hospital) option cost $5,500 and the same test could be accomplished for $500.
  • A shift from paying for the service to paying for the outcome.
  • Some of the keys to a better healthCARE system include:
    • Consumer directed care
    • Assistance navigating healthcare
    • Transparency (pricing and options)
    • Better quality lower priced options

I was happy to see that everything he was preaching were things we are already doing at DG.

Click here to read more about the Pioneer Institute and the Featured Speaker, Alex Azar.

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By: Chip Gibson

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