DGGC 2nd Annual Fundraiser Open House Success for Deland, Gibson

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“Giving back to the communities where we live and work”

The Deland, Gibson Insurance 2nd Annual Fundraiser Open House was an event that took place on Thursday, September 19th and was hosted by the Deland, Gibson Giving Committee. (DGGC)

The purpose of the event is to meet and network with our company partners as well as shed light on The Deland, Gibson Fund. From the generous help of those in attendance, the event raised over $8500 for the Deland, Gibson Fund!! Deland, Gibson would like to give a special thank you to The Andover Companies, Arbella Insurance, Norfolk & Dedham Group, and especially XS Brokers for their Corporate Sponsorship’s and impactful donations at this year’s event.

Cancer touches the lives of everyone but this year, specifically, the DG office has been affected in a different way. Two Deland, Gibson teammates have battled or been battling different types of Cancer. Due to the impact it has had on the lives in our office, part of the proceeds from this event are going to Dana Farber Cancer Research and Looking & Feeling Fab. Being able to give back and have a direct impact on the lives of many inside and outside the office is part of our mission and the success from this year’s event allows us to do so.

The Deland, Gibson Fund

Friday December 29th was a monumental day for Deland, Gibson. It was not only the last business day of 2017, a year in which we had record gross sales growth, but also the day in which we accomplished a goal that we have been working towards for over 5 years. Spearheaded by the Deland, Gibson Giving Committee via the Foundation for MetroWest, the “Deland, Gibson Fund” was established.

This is a proud moment for Deland, Gibson. This result is a creation from the heart and soul of the people who have been a part of Deland, Gibson over the past 20 years.

In the fall of 1998, Kyle McCall, son of employee Susan McCall, was diagnosed with pediatric cancer. The time away from work and expenses such as parking were adding up. The employees of Deland, Gibson recognized this and wanted to help Susan with time and expenses. Born was a creative and fun way to contribute and to show support for Susan and her family – Jeans Friday.

Every other Friday, employees have the option to wear jeans for a $5.00 donation. Quarterly, these donations are tallied and Deland, Gibson matches the funds. Over the years, not only has the Jeans money helped Susan, but it has also helped other employees, charities and local families in need. 20 years later, “Jeans Fridays” has evolved into something bigger. First, it led to establishing DG’s flagship committee, The Deland, Gibson Giving Committee, we have donated financially but also our time when helping local non-profits in the community. We always knew we wanted to take our contributions and impact to the next level and now we have by establishing the Deland, Gibson Fund.

“Giving back to the communities where we live and work” is at the core of our mission – and we are just getting started.

The Deland Gibson fund is especially interested in giving related to:

  • Children and families in the communities that we live
  • Promoting wellness, health and fitness in our communities
  • Promoting safety and education to our community
  • Helping and supporting non-profit businesses grow
  • Providing education and resources to enable a broader exposure to insurance and risk management for or clients, community and coworkers

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