We have discussed on this blog before how the Government does a phenomenal job creating content to help small and medium sized businesses. The problem is that they do not have marketing built into their budget to get this information out!  Below is another great example from the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC has a website on “Workplace Safety & Health Topics” that includes a small business resource guide  with articles on Safety and Compliance. The topics discussed include:


–              Disaster Planning

–              Lifting Injuries

–              Workers Compensation

–              Burglary and Robbery Prevention

–              EPA Lead Regulations

–              Safe on-the-job Driving

–              Preventing Workplace Violence with Weapons Policies


Within these articles are checklists, tips and programs to help run businesses more efficiently and safely.


Check out the site: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/smbus/guide/guide-1.html

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