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True Protection for Non-Profit Board Service

An underreported fact is that 43% of High Net Worth individuals participate on non-profit boards. One common and volatile exposure from this is being held personally liable for decisions of the board. Generally, we find that individuals do not understand the exposure or the risk. Many individuals assume that their personal umbrella covers their not-for-profit (NFP) board service, but this [...]

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Hiring Employees for your New Business?

How are you going to structure your staff?  Are you going to hire W2 employees or 1099 independent contractors?  What does that mean for insurance? First step, if you are going to hire W2 employees you are going to need a Federal Employer Identification Number.  Sign-up online at https://www.irs.gov/. The U.S. Small Business Administration has resources for taxes and reporting your [...]

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Cyber Security: Relying on the Luck of the Irish?

Who do you know that’s relying on the Luck of the Irish to keep their business safe from Cyber Attacks? According to a recent study by Price Waterhouse Coopers, only about 47% of businesses perform periodic risk assessments on their security systems. Deland, Gibson Insurance will perform a Risk Assessment for any business that: Stores credit cards in their computer [...]

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IT Security – Are Your Employees Sidestepping Security?

In business, we hope that our employees are looking for opportunities to minimize wasted time, be the most productive, and do their best work as efficiently as possible. However, workarounds done in the name of efficiency could be your business' future security issue. This interesting article from Data on the Edge, 5 Ways Your Employees Sidestep Information Security Policies, highlights the [...]

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Bob Lobel Suing Woodland GC – Are You Prepared?

Are you prepared to accommodate disabled golfers?  How would you handle this situation at your club?  In case you missed it… click here for Boston Globe article. Questions we ask club clients: What is your plan for accommodating disabled golfers? Do you allow SoloRider and ParaGolfer? Our Research at DG: An average adult male standing on a green will exert 6 [...]

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Nannies, Au Pairs, and Insurance

When hiring a nanny or au pair, you cannot overlook the potential risk this individual may bring to your family.  We hope you will hire correctly, perform background checks and make sure that individual is a fit for your family. But have you contacted your risk advisor to go over the insurance implications when you do hire a nanny or [...]

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Revere Tornado: Disaster Recovery

As many in the Greater Boston Area know, a tornado ripped through Revere on Monday July 28th. You can read more about it here. Thankfully no one was killed and the area is rebounding and cleaning up. This got me thinking back to our seminar June 24th on Weather and Disaster Recovery. I haven' t heard too much regarding who [...]

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Secondary Home Strategic Risks

Check out the attached image: img-719140947-0001 Because interest rates - including mortgages - have been at historic lows, and some confidence in the stock market may not be what is was through bull markets of the past, many people are investing in real estate. The attachment highlights a Worth magazine  article highlighting the rise in second home purchases. Purchasing a second [...]

An Identity Theft Reminder!

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM IDENTITY THEFT   This is an increasing problem which we hear about in the media more and more.  While your homeowner policy may provide limited coverage for identify theft expenses and resolution services, higher limits and types of coverage can be purchased.   Here are some tips that can help prevent your identity from being stolen:   [...]

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Super-Storm Sandy & Financial Aftermath

  Linked is a good article regarding New Jersey and the after affects of Super-Storm Sandy.  In New Jersey, the state is losing $5B in taxable real estate due to Super-storm Sandy. Those that lost their homes obviously do not have to pay the real estate taxes on something that is no longer there.   This is approximately $77M in potential [...]

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