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CBS Boston Feature: Drone Accidents and Insurance Policies

CBS Boston Guest: Tom Skelly, Vice President of Sales and Operations for Deland, Gibson Insurance and the former chair of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents, talks with CBS Boston's Chris McKinnon about Drones and Insurance coverage. Click to watch on Drone Accidents Could Cause Insurance Hassles BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Actually these days it might be neither. It [...]

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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

    For a safe holiday season, follow these Decorating Safety Tips, brought to you by the National Safety Council. Never use lighted candles near trees or boughs Keep poisonous plants out of reach of children & pets Keep trees away from fireplaces, radiators, and other heat sources Make sure your tree has a stable platform Choose an artificial tree [...]

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New England may not want to admit it, but… Winter is Coming – Be Prepared!

I am sure everyone can recall our past winter and specific details about shoveling it, driving in it or just walking in it. Winter is coming again and from what the Farmers’ Almanac predicts, it could be a repeat of the last for the North East. Ice Dams! Did you have problems with ice dams? They were devastating for an [...]

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From the Governor’s Desk: Increased Accident Limits Approved

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents recently lobbied in support of Section 14 of the 2016 State Budget, which details a change relative to increasing the surcharge thresholds for Minor and Major Accidents. This is a huge win for consumers. The MAIA, Deland, Gibson and insured customers alike were thrilled when this consumer-friendly change was not vetoed by Governor Baker [...]

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D,G NECN Feature: Massachusetts Insurers Hiking Rates

Yesterday NECN featured Tom Skelly, Vice President of Sales and Operations for Deland, Gibson Insurance, in their business update on the increase of Massachusetts insurance rates after the difficult winter of 2015. Skelly comments on the high percentage of ice dam damage claims this winter, the effect on insurance companies, and consumer recommendations and options in the video and article below. "Put it [...]

Massachusetts License Plate Lottery

It's that time of year again - the 2015 Registry of Motor Vehicles Plate Lottery began on June 19, 2015. Annually, approximately 6,000 applications are received from Massachusetts residents hoping to get a low number license plate for their vehicle. Low number plates must be renewed every two years, which is why some favored lower numbers become available every year. This year a [...]

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DGU White Paper: Condo Issues and Risk Management

In the event of a claim, a well written insurance policy should provide the means to bring a condo back to where it was before the loss. But why even go that far? Why go through the aggravation brought on by the claim process when the loss likely could be avoided in the first place?

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DGU White Paper: A Buyer’s Guide to Condominium Insurance Coverage

Whether you are a condominium unit owner, on a condominium association board of directors or a property manager of a condominium association, living in or working with a condominium association can include many variables. There are many issues that need to be addressed while living in a condo, but one of the more important variables is insurance coverage.

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The Hazards of Social Media

While it might seem that our primary role as your insurance agent is to protect your physical property, one of the most important things that we protect, is you.  More and more social media sites are popping up all over the place, all of which at least a handful of people can admit are as addictive as chocolate.  And while [...]

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