January 2023, Deland, Gibson Insurance acquired Gorman Insurance Agency of MA. With the acquisition and partnership with D, G, Gorman Insurance has access to more markets and resources for their long-term and new clients. All resources on the previous website can now be found throughout the navigation, and Deland, Gibson's Website now being visited.

Chip Gibson, CEO of Deland, Gibson, is quoted: “We are thrilled to establish a presence in Dennis Port. We see an opportunity to serve our clients on Cape Cod better and bring employment opportunities as we look to expand in the area. Jane and Ron Remy have fostered a client-first service culture in Gorman Insurance; we look forward to continuing the high bar they have set for their clients and community.”

Ted Gibson commented: “The Gorman Insurance Agency is a great fit for D,G and will bring more expertise to the Flood Insurance practice. We are excited to pick up on the community and company partner involvement that Ron and Jane Remy were dedicated to.”

Please get in touch with us with any questions!


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