HR Hotline
Staffed by HR professionals, our HR Hotline is available by phone or email. As a benefits client with DG, you’ll have access to individually tailored HR consultation when you need it on a variety of topics: Leaves of Absence, Wage and Hour, Discipline and Terminations, Federal Compliance, and State Employment Law.

Providing Valuable HR Services and Training

We’re excited to provide a new resource for you: MyWave Connect. A complete HR solution, MyWave Connect is designed to offer users a convenient portal to time-saving tools and up-to-date resources; a one-stop source for all your HR, compliance, wellness and other business needs.

Our effective tools will help upgrade your recruitment and employee strategies, which in turn will promote a healthier work environment, ultimately leading to a happier and more productive workforce. Additionally, we have established a highly structured training system that will get your personnel on board with a performance management structure that works.

Solutions for Today’s Workplace

  • Take Control of Compliance
  • Access Workplace Policies & Forms
  • Simplify Open Enrollment
  • Manage Industry-Specific Exposures
  • Support Your Wellness Initiatives
  • Create and Maintain a Safety Culture
Get it all – quickly, on the go!
MyWace Connect

MyWave Connect features Smart Search, to help you quickly find the resources you need. Their mobile-friendly app allows you to find the document you need wherever you are – on the road, in a meeting, or on the manufacturing floor.

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Improve your recruitment and employee retention strategies, promote wellness, and safeguard your compliant business against lawsuits today – give us a call. Our HR Program has proven valuable for countless organizations throughout the country – join our growing list of success stories today!