How do I insure my Olympic Medal?

You’ve trained your entire life and accomplished something only a small number of athletes on this earth have accomplished. You’ve won an Olympic medal. This is an amazing accomplishment and your medal is something that should be protected. It is important to know that not every insurance agent and company is equipped to properly insure your medal so you need [...]

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Secondary Home Risk Management Checklist

SEARCHING FOR A SECOND HOME Items to Consider Where is the home? - Near water? (Elevation Certificate) - Higher Hazard Area: Wildfire or Hurricane? - Is it near Fire Department infrastructure? (protection class) - Construction (not a homeowner’s product) Does it need work? Hiring GC or not? - To be purchased by – LLC, Trust, Personal name? Congratulations! You Bought [...]

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Guard Your Travel Plans with Travel Insurance

It’s time to start making travel plans. Whether you’re heading out for a grand family adventure or a high school or college student traveling abroad this summer, make sure you protect your travel plans with the appropriate travel insurance coverage. Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary? The world is a large place and accidents and injuries never seem to happen at convenient [...]

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Cheers to successful client relationships!

For service above and beyond Bill S. of Wellesley presented Kendra Logie with a bottle of wine! We love our clients, we love helping them with their questions and Registry paperwork. Does your broker handle questions and paperwork over the weekends?  D,G does! Kendra is shown with the producer, Tom Skelly of Wellesley.  Tom used his home as a drop off [...]

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High Net Worth Insurance Requirements

High net worth insurance. It sounds like such a simple thing. But, your needs are quite complex. Plus, standard insurance policies issued by the average insurer are not designed to meet your needs. That is why you must look for a more personalized insurance experience to provide the right balance of risk management and insurance protection to meet your unique insurance coverage needs. [...]

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Kevin Malloy of Deland, Gibson- Caribbean 600

Deland, Gibson’s very own risk advisor and avid sailor Kevin Malloy finished in third place at the 10th annual Caribbean 600 Ocean Race. This year, 80 sailboats and over 800 sailors from around the world arrived in Antigua to sail over 600 nautical miles nonstop around eleven of the neighboring Caribbean Islands. Malloy’s crew was also recognized as the youngest team [...]

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Employer Responsibilities in Winter Weather

Snow days were a highlight of winter when many of us were children, but now winter weather presents a host of difficulties for employers. There are safety concerns, OSHA regulations to comply with, potential liability risks, attendance confusion and pay-related issues to address. It’s important to be prepared for all scenarios associated with inclement weather before the weather arrives, and [...]

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A Healthcare Revolution

A healthcare revolution is brewing among employers, consultants, providers, PBM’s, Clinics, and even Retailers. It’s an exciting time for the industry, one that has slowly evolved the last 75+ years. How did we get here? Employer-sponsored healthcare spawned from wage freeze in 1942 as a means to “boosting” compensation while avoiding income and payroll taxes. In 1973 Congress passed the [...]

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How to Select Risk Consulting Services in Boston

Risk management is just as important for families in the Boston area as it is for businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses and families do not have effective risk management or minimization plans in place – if you have one at all. In fact, you may not even know where to begin. That is where risk consulting comes into play. A Risk Consultant can [...]

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A Year in Risk

For many of us, the end of the year is a time to reflect on accomplishments, pertinent events in the world and our in respective industries. Since I am in the risk-management field, naturally I focus on events impacting the profitability of businesses. The top stories of 2017 are cyber risk, reputational risk and workforce risk. Cyber Risk An overwhelming [...]

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