“The other 80%.”

We have found a problem in the Insurance Agency system. It is that traditional Agencies focus almost all of their time on insurance. The Deland, Gibson Risk Consulting group (DGRC) grew from the need to look at ways to help families and organizations lower their risk in ways other than insurance. There are 5 ways to manage risk: Mitigate, Prevent, Transfer, Assume and Finance (Insurance) four are neglected. This is the other 80% of risk management.”

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  • Premiums, Risk Management Fees, Retained Losses, Administrative Costs, and Indirect Costs.

  • Personal and Family Risk

  • Workforce Risk
  • Strategic Risk
  • Hazard Risk
  • Business Risk

Workforce Risk: Employees are a company’s biggest asset. Not having an engaged, healthy, and motivated employee base can be one ofthe biggest inhibitors of profitability.

Strategic Risk: Threats to the value of the organization.

Hazard Risk: Threats of direct physical loss.

Business Risk: Operational risk including policies, procedures, compliance and more.

The Other 80% is a process that identifies organizes and addresses risk. The first step in the process is to perform a Risk Discovery Clinic. This is a session where we analyze areas of a family or with companies, Business, Strategic, Hazard and Workforce Risks are assessed.

The second step is a complete analysis of the risks where they are segmented into Low Medium and High Risk. The most volatile and impactful risks are then focused on when creating a Risk Reduction Plan.

The Third step is the DGRC team works with the client to set up an implementation schedule where over the next 12 months the Plan is implemented and monitored before another Risk Discovery Clinic is performed.

“Dan, Great meeting! Karl was extremely pleased with the focus and direction of Tom’s Strategic Planning presentation. I really appreciate you and Tom putting this together for us. I know that this will truly help Karl (and I) get the business moving in the right direction quickly.”

-- AG, Urgent Care Center