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With the arrival of the holiday season each year, the opportunity to host a gathering or party with friends and family can be awfully appealing. But holiday parties are not without a certain number of risks and concerns, specifically when it comes to serving alcohol. A question that we at Deland, Gibson often get asked this time of year is, “what is the liability involved with hosting a holiday party, and does my homeowner’s insurance cover host liquor liability?” The short answer is that it can depend on the policy, but consumers may often find themselves interested in pursuing additional liquor liability insurance.

In the following article, we will break down the ins and outs of hosting events and the necessary considerations when serving alcoholic beverages. There are several nuances here regarding host liquor liability, but you will be better armed to manage your holiday party or similar event by the end of this article.

What Are The Concerns For Hosting A Party With Liquor?

When planning a holiday event at your home, particularly one where alcohol will be served, brushing up on the various risks associated with such an event is well worth your time. As we alluded to above, while homeowners insurance can begin to cover many of the risks associated with a social gathering, having the proper protection in place for your party or event can dramatically reduce risk and provide peace of mind.

Damage to the Household

One of the primary concerns hosts have is whether their home is protected in the case of an incident. While homeowners insurance generally covers damage to the house that may occur from the guests on the premises, it is essential that you review your policy as there may be exclusions. Specifically, many homeowners insurance policies include exclusions for situations where a host is serving alcohol, which often changes the risk profile. Therefore, a party that includes alcohol may look very different from a gathering that does not.

Personal Liability Protection

It is common practice for a homeowners policy to include protections for the host in the case that a guest becomes injured on the premises. The goal of injury protection under homeowners’ policies is to protect the host from legal liability in the case of an injury, and they are found to be at fault. However, again when the serving of alcohol is introduced into the equation, the coverage may not be sufficient. As the host, the serving of liquor can alter whether or not the host is sufficiently covered by the policy. 

Concerns With Drinking & Driving

A major concern with hosting holiday parties where alcohol is served is the host liability for guests that may drink and choose to drive. Should a guest drink at your party and have an accident while driving you, the host could be found liable by either the guest themselves or a third party if involved in the accident. In the event that a third party was injured in an accident where the responsible party had been served alcohol, the third party could pursue damages against the host as the one responsible for serving the driver alcohol. As the host of the party where alcohol was served, this can present a significant risk and a liability that your homeowner’s insurance may not cover.

In a situation where you may be charging for alcohol, this is an entirely different insurance situation and your Host Liquor may not apply. It is important to contact your D,G representative for more information on this situation.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance & How It Works

As discussed above, there are a number of different concerns to factor in when considering hosting a party or gathering where alcohol is served. But, with the correct information and approach, you can better prepare for hosting a gathering at your home. Here is what you need to know about adding extra protection for your event.

A question we often hear is, “What is host liquor liability?” Specifically, this means that the host of a gathering or party where alcohol is served can be held liable for any damages (bodily injury or property damage and involving third parties) that arise as a result of the event. This is often covered, but not in every situation. It is important to know if you have this on your policy.

However, a few different insurance avenues can help mitigate the risk associated with hosting a party: Social Host Liquor Liability Insurance, Liquor Liability Insurance (if charging for alcohol), and an Umbrella Insurance Policy can all help reduce the risk of a large out-of-pocket expense/liability. Obtaining a Certificate of Insurance with additional insured status for any hired caterer or bartender.

  • Social Host Liability Insurance is a short-term policy that can be put in place to help add coverage and protection for the party’s host. This type of short-term policy can help supplement the homeowners insurance when host liquor is not automatically included and provide coverage related to the serving of alcohol.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance is a short-term commercial policy that hired professionals should hold when serving alcohol. If you are hiring any vendors at your party: bartenders, caterers, and the like, they should all hold liquor liability insurance. You will want to check this beforehand by requesting a certificate of insurance with additional insured status. Liquor Liability Insurance helps protect the vendors from liability associated with the event.
  • Umbrella Policies are liability policies that many individuals purchase to provide additional insurance on top or in excess of their homeowners policy covers. While not specific to hosting a party or gathering where alcohol is served, Umbrella Policies are designed to provide the homeowner an extra layer of protection. For more information about Umbrella Policies, see our article here on The Importance of an Umbrella Policy.

Next Steps for Hosting A Party

Holiday parties and gatherings offer a fantastic way to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy the season. While there are a number of considerations to be aware of, particularly when the serving of liquor is involved, your holiday party can be a real success with the proper insurance and risk mitigation.

If you have any questions or would like a review of your current insurance coverage we are here to help.

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