Finding Salon & Spa Insurance with STYLE: Salon Tools for Your Liability Exposures

Owning a salon or spa is not easy. Salon professionals need to continuously educate themselves with the latest fashion & beauty trends to keep up with the ever changing industry. It is important to have a partner that understands these trends and exposures when protecting your business.

At Deland, Gibson Insurance, we work with clients to identify potential risks in business and then offer solutions to minimize the costs of those risks. STYLE (Salon Tools For Your Liability Exposures) is a specialized program that targets typical situations in the salon and spa industry.

Why does my Salon need STYLE?

When it comes to protecting your business investment you need more than just traditional insurance. For example, what would be the impact to your reputation be if someone contracted an infection or injury as a result of your completed work? An insurance policy may pay for the lawsuit to the individual but what about lost potential business from other clients?

Deland, Gibson works with businesses to identify and address risks in order to lower your exposure. We call this a Risk Reduction Plan. Not only does the STYLE Risk Reduction Plan identify potential hazards and exposures but it provides tools to manage and reduce related costs associated with those risks.

Creating a Risk Reduction Plan shows dedication to proactively manage preventable risks to insurance underwriters. We are generally able to leverage this when marketing your insurance policy to save you money on your premiums.


Common Salon & Spa Exposures

Chemical relaxers, UV nail lights, and eyelash tinting all keep our lovely looks lasting longer, but when introducing these new techniques, are potential risk exposures being addressed?

Private Product Labels give your salon an edge for specialty marketing and sales, but be aware of compliance and insurance issues when offering these products.

Using social media is a great way to build a loyal following and create local marketing strategies. Have you thought about the potential harm in posting a client photo without permission?

Liquor Liability: What a nice way to unwind at the end of the day with a glass of wine and a pedicure. Be aware of serving alcohol and train staff on proper procedures.

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