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Insuring the Most Environmentally Sustainable Arena

Deland, Gibson led by risk advisor Bill Felton and the alternative energy team was instrumental in providing risk consulting and structuring a risk program for Rivermoor Energy in the first LEED certified collegiate ice hockey rink in the United States. The Deland, Gibson team worked with Rivermoor from construction all the way into operations. A plaque ceremony was held on June 6 [...]

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How do I insure my Olympic Medal?

You’ve trained your entire life and accomplished something only a small number of athletes on this earth have accomplished. You’ve won an Olympic medal. This is an amazing accomplishment and your medal is something that should be protected. It is important to know that not every insurance agent and company is equipped to properly insure your medal so you need [...]

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Cheers to successful client relationships!

For service above and beyond Bill S. of Wellesley presented Kendra Logie with a bottle of wine! We love our clients, we love helping them with their questions and Registry paperwork. Does your broker handle questions and paperwork over the weekends?  D,G does! Kendra is shown with the producer, Tom Skelly of Wellesley.  Tom used his home as a drop off [...]

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Kevin Malloy of Deland, Gibson- Caribbean 600

Deland, Gibson’s very own risk advisor and avid sailor Kevin Malloy finished in third place at the 10th annual Caribbean 600 Ocean Race. This year, 80 sailboats and over 800 sailors from around the world arrived in Antigua to sail over 600 nautical miles nonstop around eleven of the neighboring Caribbean Islands. Malloy’s crew was also recognized as the youngest team [...]

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New High Net Worth Insurance Products Available in Massachusetts

Cincinnati Insurance Company is a company you may have heard about in the past, but until now, their coverages and products were not available to the Massachusetts personal lines marketplace. Deland, Gibson is one of only 11 appointed agencies in the state of Massachusetts to proudly represent the company. We are excited for the opportunity and look forward to introducing the product [...]

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