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Preventative Care for Your Bottom Line

As employers continue to look for ways to manage rising health care costs, many are turning to workplace wellness programs to improve employees’ well-being and to help manage or prevent chronic conditions. According to a recent study from Health Affairs, a health care policy journal, for every dollar spent on wellness, medical costs drop an average of $3.27 and absenteeism costs fall [...]

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Why It’s Time to Reconsider Your Group Benefits Strategy

We at Deland, Gibson take pride in working with our clients on identifying, assessing, and addressing risk. Our group benefits consultants navigate our clients through the uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act and the maze of human resource compliance facing small businesses. Over the past four years we have met and worked with many businesses that share a common risk – they [...]

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Hire Right HR Products

  One of the questions we ask during our risk reduction clinic is if the firm who we are meeting with has made any poor hiring decisions over the past year. If answering honestly, many have. Even if they have not, we ask, why they haven’t been making efforts to replace their least productive employees. You may ask why an [...]

Start an HR strategy in Q2

Zappos, Southwest and Costco - We all have heard of them and for a reason - they all have a reputation for “best of the best” human resources practices. Why not learn from their success by investing in, creating and developing better human resources policies for your business? If it was not identified in your annual strategic planning its not [...]

‘Intentional Growth’ In Your HR Career

  Keeping with this theme, an excellent article by John C. Maxwell in a recent issue of Success magazine identifies the key factors in “intentional growth.” Here are my recommendations on using these factors to help yourself grow as an HR professional. Start today. Your power lies in the present.Although it’s important to create strategic plans, you need to begin where you [...]

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