High Net Worth Insurance

High Net Worth Insurance Trends

Belonging to a high net worth (HNW) family comes with its share of challenges. Having accumulated financial wealth, expensive goods and pristine properties, HNW people are often exposed to complex property and liability risks that average consumers are not. To protect their interests, HNW individuals need high-value insurance coverage that concurs with their multi-faceted lifestyle. The following are some of the [...]

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How do I insure my Olympic Medal?

You’ve trained your entire life and accomplished something only a small number of athletes on this earth have accomplished. You’ve won an Olympic medal. This is an amazing accomplishment and your medal is something that should be protected. It is important to know that not every insurance agent and company is equipped to properly insure your medal so you need [...]

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Secondary Home Risk Management Checklist

SEARCHING FOR A SECOND HOME Items to Consider Where is the home? - Near water? (Elevation Certificate) - Higher Hazard Area: Wildfire or Hurricane? - Is it near Fire Department infrastructure? (protection class) - Construction (not a homeowner’s product) Does it need work? Hiring GC or not? - To be purchased by – LLC, Trust, Personal name? Congratulations! You Bought [...]

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High Net Worth Insurance Requirements

High net worth insurance. It sounds like such a simple thing. But, your needs are quite complex. Plus, standard insurance policies issued by the average insurer are not designed to meet your needs. That is why you must look for a more personalized insurance experience to provide the right balance of risk management and insurance protection to meet your unique insurance coverage needs. [...]

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Deland, Gibson University Event

  On September 13th 2012 DG had a breakfast meeting at Brae Burn Country Club for Trusted Advisors that work with high net worth individuals and families. Below in italics is a synopsis of the event from the invitation. The last piece was the handout for the Trusted Advisors in attendance to use as a reference guide with clients. For those [...]